Hi Everyone!

October 2nd was an amazing AAI Allies Meeting at Old Wives Tales on Burnside.

We had an intimate meeting this month with a smaller group than in September. It allowed us to greet and share with new allies who are excited about participating in AAI.

Those who attended

Rachael Lorenz: blogger, juried photographer, fashion consultant, potential curator and marketing volunteer for Geezer Gallery. Rachael attended with her fiance Tim Rooney, musician, teacher and personal historian (Portland Community Media). Tim’s work involves video documentary and oral history. Currently Rachael and Tim are collaborating on several video and photography projects. Their insight as Allies is much anticipated!

Tami Matthews: Development Director: Life by Design Northwest. Tami brings an intensity that will help us all. Life by Design NW’s involvement with AAI is key to our future. Supporting the vision of LBDNW and getting the word out about the organization is one of our goals.

My terrific friend and the development director at Elders in Action, Brenda Morgan, shared the meeting with us. Brenda and Rachael share exciting news about: The Grandworks Northwest Art Festival being held in mid May, 2010! Along with Geezer Gallery, Elders in Action are organizing a juried Art Festival featuring a plethora of elder talent from our region. AAI will also be involved in some capacity, and yesterday I attended the steering committee meeting at EiA for GrandWorks NW.

Frances Spak: Project Director of ‘Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities’ at Jewish Family Services. Still leading at 84, Frances is the delight of many friends and inspires us all with her efforts. It was wonderful to share our allies meeting with her.

Julian Lauzanna: Videographer /(YouTube contributor) : Primal Digital. Julian and I have been meeting frequently to discuss our vision of making the upcoming Hillsdale Micro-Cinema project successful.

The Micro-Cinema is offering a series is devoted to ‘Aging Artfully in America’. The Micro-Cinema is held in the Community Room at the Watershed Building, 6388 SW Capital Highway (Corner of Bertha and Capital): Doors @ 6:30 pm

Hillsdale’s Micro-Cinema Oct. 20th:6:30-9, will be screening: ‘Still Kicking‘: Amy Gorman’s short film. Amy is an elder’s advocate and founder of the Aging Artfully organization from Berkeley CA.

Also being shown is the first installment of ‘A Whole New Old’. This video is a labor of love in progress by Amy Henderson and the Geezer Gallery.

The series continues on the last Tuesdays, in Nov. with ‘Young Filmmakers’, and Dec. with Global sustainability. See Julian’s Blog for details

Mary Saunders: active in Recode and City Repair. Mary has some new angles to bring to the group. I hope she stays in touch.

Meagan Lawlor: volunteer at Life by Design NW. Megan is building a career coaching system for elders which is being hosted by Marylhurst University. AAI intends to continue to foster her work.

My stalwart friend and team member, Zoe Johnson, who volunteers time with AAI. A natural administrator, Zoe helps organize our information, update the calendar, maintain the website and is building a database for AAI.

Rounding out our wonderful allies: Gary Marschke: Altruism for Fun and Profit, Mary Bedard, (Landscape Architect), as well as Joy Allen: Fabric Sculpture Artist, my fiancé.

I want thank all those who attended in both body and the spirit of AAI. Looking forward to sharing more at our next meeting, November 12, 2009.

See the calendar for upcoming meetings, potlucks and the like. More entries soon!

Stay in touch. So much is happening.

Yours in Service to Elders and the Arts!

Jim Corcoran