Jim Corcoran, Gary Marschke and Mary Bedard have discovered another Aging Artfully, the .com version, and a book written by Amy Gorman.  This is the link to her wonderful website.

Our website will be running in a few weeks.  An announcement wil be forthcoming.

Meanwhile, Amy will be coming to Portland to present her movie short called, ‘Still Kickin’ ‘, and talk about her experience learning from Women Artists between 85 and 105!  Her book ‘Aging Artfully’ will be available at the event, Sept. 11th Friday from 3-5 at the White Stag building.  Reservations can be found at the ‘Life by Design Northwest’ website.

Jim Corcoran can be reached at 971-563-3694.

Our brochure can be ordered by emailing jim at jim@agingartfully.org!