Aging Artfully Initiative

‘Living Creatively in Community’

September 1, 2012

Dear Friends and Allies of AAI,

AAI has recently become a part of Tim Carpenter’s plans for a national team of affiliates of his wonderful organization in L.A., EngAGE.  Their flagship facility, the Burbank Senior Artists Colony, represents a really different way to approach aging as an opportunity to grow.

Last week Tim came to Portland and we invited a few leaders and mentors of AAI to meet him.  In two days of meetings we concentrated on the development community, and a great foundation was laid.  We hoped to show Tim that our Initiative was ready to become one of his national affiliates.  I am pleased to tell you that Tim is very happy with his visit and is convinced we will be a great fit.

Our long time leader and ally Sara Garrett and her non-profit development organization, Motive Space, was a critical piece of our planned visit.  Sara arranged several meetings for Tim with local developers and the central purpose of the visit has been fulfilled.  Tim found a developer here who he wants to work with, and we’ll report to everyone, when that relationship is formalized.  Many of you have worked with Sara as we identified the needs for a facility to serve our vision, and know what a fine leader she is!

On our final event on Monday the 27th of August, the ‘Welcome Tim’ Allies meeting for AAI Leaders and Allies, we assembled 24 people who sincerely care for our effort.  Based on his praise I know Tim found that we are a remarkable community with great vision and many skills.  We are now on a path with Tim to become an Affiliate of EngAGE.  It appears there are several other organizations nationally which are embracing this discipline, and will become fellow ‘certified’ providers of the programs.  I am excited to see what the future holds as these new affiliates come into each others’ circle, through EngAGE!

Lastly, I want each of you to know that I value you.  The sense of common purpose is palpable.  I feel incredibly blessed to share this vital work with all of you.  Our next meetings will be great!

The next steps will require us to mobilize the many gifts that each of you bring to AAI.  I look forward to developing the capacity to utilize all of them, and to continue to share the beauty and bounty of lives well lived in community.  We will now begin researching the potential market of existing retirement communities which would benefit from the EngAGE programming, and our wonderful team of leader/educators.

So, Thank You, all my ‘Elder Creative’ Friends for your wonderful support.  May we all find happiness as we go forward in confidence and the understanding that we are making the world a better place.