Labor Day Weekend in Portland, cool and moist.

Another interesting week.

I was able to get into the latest class of Local Agenda, a social entrepreneurs start up course at Springboard Innovation in Portland.  Very exciting.  My colleague Mary Bedard went through it and gained a lot of knowledge.
That starts on Thursday the 8th.

Last Tuesday, we convened the second monthly Aging Artfully Allies meeting, and this time we had 18 total including two of the three Executive team, Mary and myself.  Gary was tied up in a meeting the former mayor Tom Potter.  (Good Excuse.)

I’ll cut and paste the list of allies here, with their short, somewhat inaccurate descriptions.

Amy Henderson, founder of the ‘Geezer Gallery’, a start up non-profit, with a lot of progress toward having an actual space. GG is a very strong player in this work and represents many opportunities for AAI.

Mike Johnson, Amy’s fiancée, and co-founder of the Geezer Gallery.

Sara Garrett, founder and president of motiveSpace Coalition, providing critical leadership in community initiated development. AAI is a proud client and member of the motiveSpace Coalition.

Barbara Gerke, powerful connector and community organizer, founding member of the DreamSeed Innovation Resources.

Halim Byron, drummer, musicologist, teacher and mystic, founding member of DreamSeed Innovation Resources.

Catherine Moore, independent Elder Care provider, experienced non-profit administrator, coordinator and elder activist.

Zoe Johnson, advanced organizer, founder of the virtual concierge service, ‘U-Squared’.

Jim Corcoran, founder of AAI, president of New Land Jazz LLC, a jazz advocacy company, former contractor and construction industry professional

Joy Allen, Jim’s fiancée, poet and writer, and advanced artist in the realm of fabric sculpture.

Mary Bedard, landscape architect and chair, Friends of the Portland Community Gardens. Executive team member of AAI.

Gary Marshke, long time Portland community activist and organizer, marketing specialist and elder activist. Founding member and Executive Team member of AAI. Founder of ‘Altruism for Fun and Profit’. Member of the board of the North Northeast Business Association, NNEBA.

Angela Hamilton, experienced community organizer, who has recently returned from Ecuador, where she participated in the international project ‘Pachamama’ to engage with indigenous elders to solve global problems. Angela is pursuing a Masters at PSU in Organizational Education, and is a leader in the local chapter of the international Pachamama Alliance. She is also a founding member of the DreamSeed Innovation Resorce.

April Milan, co-owner of ‘Beyond the Clinic’ of Milwaukie, which provides on site Physical Therapy Services.

Ben Musholt, co-owner, marketing specialist and advanced physical therapist with ‘Beyond the Clinic’.

Dave Jewell, elder and resident leader at the Rose Villa Retirement Community in Milwaukie, and retired engineer and social worker.
Madeline Janovec, an elder and a very advanced painter and jewelry maker and owner of a gallery space in SE PDX, and the leader of international exhibitions for women in the Arts, including a major international women’s art conference coming up in 2010 at PSU.

Alan DeLaTorre, a participant in the international study recently completed by the World Health Organization on the affordability of services for elders, and a doctoral candidate at PSU in a combined study of Gerontology and Urban Planning.

Julian Lauzzana, owner of Primal Digital, an video and audio production company, which was active in NYC before coming to Portland, and advanced community organizer serving innovative social change organizations.

Gale Long, retired professor of organizational management at the Bainbridge Graduate Institute, a progressive college in Washington assembled to meet the needs of applying advanced business skills to healing the planet.

The allies meeting went smoothly and I had a pretty solid agenda and a list of favorite projects and a system for evaluating the relative ‘Importance’ of them.

I felt I was ready to talk to Frances Spak from Jewish Family Services.  She is the program, leader for the ‘aging in place component she calls NORC, ‘naturally occuring retirement communities’. I met her in January when she produced an Elder Services Fair here.  It was eight months before I was in a position to explain my idea, and now we have the brochure.  (I’ll try to get the file up once I learn how to use Word Press.)

So I called Frances on Friday, and she had time to meet me!  Frances is a powerhouse at 84, and gave me four pages of friends to contact!
Amy Gorman, from the other Aging Artfully, called me this week to solidify plans for her arrival next week and our welcome ‘meet and greet’ event  and dinner with the AAI team.  She told me about the national conference of the National Association for Creative Aging, based in D.C.  It will be held in Florida in January.  I don’t see the announcement of the NCCA website,  but keep checking their site (invaluable resources!). Or drop me a note.  Money is tight, so I may not make it.

Much more to report, but I’ll post more later.

Have a great Holiday tomorrow, Everyone.  Joy and I will enjoy the day off.  I lead my second ’7 Habits’ study group Monday at 6:30 P.M. at ‘The Stafford’ Retirement Community in Lake Oswego.

Blessings and In Service to Elders,