October 30, 2013

I. Continuous Caring and Lifelong Support
II. Empowering Creativity in All of Its Forms
III. Nurturing Diversity
IV. Fostering Economic Sustainability

Value I, ‘Continuous Caring and Lifelong Support’ is an overt agreement. We agree to help each other as we age and develop a support system that is strong enough to allow ongoing support for all of us over the years. This includes developing programs to help us all age well, and increase the ‘Interdependent’ aspects of community living. It also includes our preference that the community extends to members even if they require advanced levels of care, at the places which provide this care.

Value II, ‘Empowering Creativity in All of Its Forms’. In the three years since we developed these Core Values this one has been such a clear guiding principle. Everyone is creative, and we welcome all who care to express themselves, live well, age well, and grow in Community.

Value III, ‘Nurturing Diversity’ means creating a community that is Multi-Disciplinary, (Painters, Nurses, Musicians, Elder Activists, Writers, Entrepreneurs, Gerontologists and Educators, etc.); Intergenerational (with Programs that engage all ages); and Culturally Diverse. We prefer to live within many cultural influences and we see ourselves as global citizens. This ‘Nurturing Diversity’ value is what we have sometimes fondly called ‘Multi-Everything’.

Value IV, ‘Fostering Economic Sustainability’ means we need to develop or assemble a range of tools for personal financial literacy and empowerment. The leaders of AAI have been deeply challenged by the current recession, along with our neighbors and our whole city. We are developing a variety of resources to strengthen member’s ability to run profitable enterprises, create new income streams, and expand their careers.

Yours in Service to Elder Creatives!

Jim Corcoran

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